Saloon #10 - Party HQ

Beach Party
St Patties Day
March 13
5-7pm Leprachaun Olympics registration
5-10pm Open Container in zones 1 & 2
7-10pm Leprachaun Olympics / Awards
March 14
8-11am Kegs & Eggs breakfast & beer at Saloon 10
noon St. Paddy's Poker Run
2-10pm Open Container in zones 1 & 2
3pm Pub Crawl begins
7pm St. Paddy's Parade - Main Street
8pm Pub Crawl Awards & St. Paddy's Party
March 17
8pm St. Panties Day at Saloon 10
Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

Booze, Beer, Babes (and Dudes too)

Full bar, live music, sawdust

The Old Style Style Saloon #10 is at the heart of what is without a doubt one of the greatest entertainment complexes in the West.

In addition to our main bar we've just expanded to the second floor with another great bar adjacent to the Deadwood Social Club. And we've got an outdoor rooftop bar where you can get a suntan or look at the stars.

For over fifty years a trip to Deadwood has meant a stop "for a cool one" at The Saloon #10. A lot has changed over those fifty years except for one thing - this is still the place to party!

Wild Bill playing poker
Playing poker with Wild Bill

It's a bar and a museum

Over 100 years of Deadwood history
Wild Bill Hickok bit the dust here ...

The Old Style Style Saloon #10 is a living museum - maybe the only one in the world with a full bar - where you can view historical western and mining camp artifacts spanning over 100 years that we've collected during our 50-plus years in business.

Wild Bill Hickock

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickock's Death Chair

Wild Bill Hickok bit the dust here, holding the famed deadman's hand of Aces & Eights.

Beginning May 25th witness the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok daily 1pm 3pm 5pm 7pm Bring the kids!

Bring the kids in for a sarsaparilla; they're welcome until 8:30 PM.

After dark we turn on the fun for adults with hot live music and ice cold beer (or something stronger).

S10 beauties
Fun at the 10!
Famous bar at Saloon #10
Famous bar at Saloon #10
Saloon 10's 50th Anniversary
Greetings from the Saloon 10 family!